The Snow Show: Skypool

Roveniemi, Finland | 2004


Artist Kiki Smith and architect Lebbeus Woods designed Skypool for The Snow Show, an art exhibition at the Arctic Circle in Lapland, Winter 2004. Skypool is an ephemeral frozen pond that married art, light and ice. The installation explored the use of fiber optic technology under extreme climatic conditions, with temperatures 20 degrees below 0. Buried in layers of ice, the fibers realize a looping pencil-line drawing by architect Lebbeus Woods, which in turn were influenced by the promise of flexible technology. Streaks of light served as design and light source---revealing shadowy steel cutout figures of witches, sirens and fairies, designed by artist Kiki Smith, hovering below the surface.


Fung Collaboratives

Kiki Smith, artist
Lebbeus Woods, architect

2005 Lumen Citation and Regional Award, Illuminating Engineering Society

Photography: Courtesy of Seth Tillett (1, 4, 5); Tony Cenicola (2); and
Jeffrey Debany (3, 6)