The Bud and Susie Rogers Garden | Akron Art Museum

Akron, OH | 2016 | 1 acre

The Bud and Susie Rogers Garden at the Akron Art Museum transforms a surface parking lot into a 1-acre garden. It consists of a series of terraced outdoor spaces, including a welcoming plaza, a flexible lawn, a meandering path bordered by prairie grasses and woodland trees.

The lighting creates an interdependent relationship between the museum and the garden. Paths are marked with warm glowing pools that follow the crisscrossed ramp to the upper terrace, where dappled light among the trees lends a bit of enchantment. The garden welcomes a range of activities including temporary art installations, performances and concerts. Lighting for the event spaces can be independently controlled and includes a custom palette of colored light.


The Akron Art Museum

OLIN, landscape architect

Photography: Courtesy of OLIN studio and Anthony Boarman (2)