Greyston Bakery

 Yonkers, NY | 2003 | 23,100 SF | $9 M

Designed by Maya Lin and built on a 1.6-acre brownfield site in Yonkers, New York, the Greyston Bakery is a state-of-the-art production bakery run and operated by the “hard-to-employ.” With Ben and Jerry’s as their main client, all profits fund Greyston Foundation, which provides low-income housing, community day care, a day treatment center for people living with AIDS, and other projects.

Efficient metal-halide lamps were used throughout the Bakery, reducing the energy required to light spaces and complementing the numerous exterior windows, strategically located, to further allow natural light into the interior of the Bakery.


Greyston Foundation

Maya Lin Studio
Cybul and Cybul Architects

2004 AIA Committee on the Enviornment Top Ten Projects of the Year