Mill River Park and Greenway

Stamford, CT | 2013


For decades, Mill River in Stamford, Connecticut was dammed and choked with pollution creating a greater flood risk for the surrounding downtown. A master plan was developed to remove the dam and create a newly naturalized waterfront. Phase 1 includes passive meadows, pedestrian and bicycle trails, lawn areas for play and events, and—for the first time in decades—access points down to the water’s edge. The lighting program supports the park’s nighttime activities, including waterfront access, while minimizing disruption to the newly naturalized ecology. Further, it promotes new connections between the dense metropolis and natural habitats; a fast-growing downtown and old residential neighborhoods; the past and present; and diverse inhabitants.


Mill River Park Collaborative 

OLIN, landscape architect

2015 ASLA Design Honor Award

Photography: Courtesy of OLIN Studio