Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park at NCMA

Raleigh, NC | 2016 | 17 acres


The North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh sits on 160 acres of land that was formerly a military training ground and later a prison and prison farm. An innovative redesign of the museum campus reclaims the park as an extension of the museum itself. Designed by Civitas, the Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park creates multiple new experiences, places, and venues for art appreciation, activity and a broad range of events to engage new audiences. The project includes new tree-lined parking, contemporary Wave and Parterre gardens, a Promenade walk connecting Park and galleries, and the Ellipse—a spectacular lawn overlooking the Park’s rolling meadow.

The lighting program interprets the melding of park and museum for a nighttime vernacular. Graceful, sustainable wood lampposts create delicate pools of light on pathways brimming with tall native grasses. Lighting in the parking is tuned to the park lighting with similarly spare and elegant lampposts.


North Carolina Museum of Art

Civitas, landscape architect

Photography: Courtesy of Elizabeth Felicella and Alexis Nollett (6)