Richmond Hill Avenue Bridge

Stamford, CT | 2010 | $3.2 M

mill river-1-sm.jpg

The Richmond Hill Avenue Bridge is one of seven bridges connecting the east and west banks of Mill River as it runs through the city of Stamford. The bridge connects the downtown business district with dense low income residential areas and is visible from neighboring office towers, highways, railroads and local streets and sidewalks. Lighting transforms its simple architectural presence into the experience of walking on a moonlit night. Visible from neighboring office towers, highways and railroads, subtle illumination washes the pedestrian walkway and its reflection plays on the water below. The palette was carefully selected to capture the complex play of cool and warm whites found in moonlight.


The Mill River Collaborative
Royal Back of Scotland
City of Stamford, CT

BL Companies

Photography: Courtesy of Jeffery Stevensen (main)