Riggio-Lynch Interfaith Chapel

Alex Haley Farm, Clinton, TN | 2004 | 4,000 SF


The chapel, designed by Maya Lin for the Children’s Defense Fund, is very much in harmony with its rural landscape, all woods and low hills. The form of the building – an ark -- is only very gently monumental, and once its timbers are silvered and surrounded by apple blossom, or weighed under snow, it will become as much a part of the landscape. The design also includes a concrete block administration building and open-air terrace connecting the two structures. The exterior lighting harmonizes the chapel and its pastoral setting at night and supports a dynamic flow between the chapel’s interior, exterior and landscape condition. Multi-functional interior lighting supports a complex program of worship, live performance, conferences and celebratory gatherings for the Children’s Defense Fund.


The Children's Defense Fund

Maya Lin, architect
Bialosky + Partners, architects and planners

Photography: Courtesy of Timothy Hursley