Tangula Luxury Train

Beijing, People’s Republic of China | 2007

TL Lounge Car Day 072607_crop.jpg

Lighting on the Tangula Train creates a world class atmosphere for luxury travelers taking the scenic route from Beijing to Lhassa. A wholly custom lighting scheme alludes to an ancient culture of refinement while meeting the extraordinary technical requirements of train travel three miles above sea level. The challenge was to transform harsh LED light into a warm luminosity that enhances the elegant interiors and makes guests feel at home. The answer lay in surrounding the LEDs with materials that enhanced their quality of light. In some cases, LEDs were filtered through translucent materials to create a familiar sense of glow. In dialogue with the interior designers, surface materials were carefully chosen for their ability to amplify and soften the light emitted by the LEDs.


Tangula International
People’s Republic of China, owner
Kempinski Luxury Hotels
Tangula Rail Tours

Elskop Scholz, architect
Bombardier Sifang, train manufacturer

Photography: Courtesy of Tangula Rail Partners